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Tick Trap Sheet DX 3 pcs

Tick Trap Sheet Dx 3 Pcs

17.96 USD
Japan-made, without chemical as well as 100 safe for children as well as pets evironment. Attract and capture fleas and mites by healthy agent. Successful for 3 months. Insert Tick Trap Sheet within the room for roundup. Feature Tick capture sheet gives a new anti-tick technique...

Aloe Cream 170g

Aloe Cream 170g

13.21 USD
It is a skin cream which protects your skin that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Extract, and Squalane. Contains vegetable moisturizing ingredients. Manage your skin, avoid drying and skin that is rough, ensure that it stays moist and healthy. Sticky as sticky, protect your skin from drying without disturbing your breathing....