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Mini Eye Massager With Negative Ion Technology 1 pc

Mini Eye Massager With Negative Ion Technology 1 Pc

53.11 USD
Attractiveness Essentials Mini Eye Massager x 1 AAA battery x 1 Combines low frequency micro-vibrations with unfavorable ion engineering for much more bright skin within the eye area. Creates 200 vibrations per second to help you enhance blood circulation, stimulate facial muscle tissues and also relieve fatigue. Unfavorable ion engineering...

Thermal Facial Lift With Radio Frequency Engery 1 pc

Thermal Facial Lift With Radio Frequency Engery 1 Pc

427.41 USD
This particular Thermal Facial Lift is a groundbreaking multi-solution unit which fuses dot matrix radio frequency technology with red photon light therapy for smoother skin and a much more youthful appearance.Radio frequency power operates below the skin's surface to stimulate the purely natural repair of collagen and elastin while tightening...

RF Facial Gel 120g

Rf Facial Gel 120g

29.36 USD
Radio Frequency RF facial gel is specially formulated to prepare your skin for the distribution of radio frequency heating power into the skin's deepest levels. Not employing a gel or even using other compound can lower or even obstruct the effectiveness of the radio frequency device. To obtain...

Ultra Cleanser With Ion & EMS Technology 1 pc

Ultra Cleanser With Ion & Ems Technology 1 Pc

192.76 USD
Combines micro-vibration, ionic power as well as EMS lifting technology into one hand-held beauty device. 5 amounts of low frequency micro-vibration exfoliate as well as stimulate facial muscles for an radiant appearance. 2 levels of positive and negative ion remedy help cleanse as well as infuse nourishment into the skin's...

3-In-1 Facial Kit Cleanse, Massage & Apply Makeup 1 pc

3-in-1 Facial Kit Cleanse, Massage & Apply Makeup 1 Pc

123.41 USD
3-In-1 look with interchangeable cleansing head, massage head as well as makeup puff. Cleansing with micro-vibration helps remove dirt and oil, preparing skin for enhanced skincare absorption. Facial massager with integrated micro-vibration electricity can help alleviate fatigue, improve blood flow and restore skin that is damaged. Hygienic makeup puff offers...

Ionic Facial & Body Spa 1 pc

Ionic Facial & Body Spa 1 Pc

269.71 USD
Nutrition absorption, Contour face and body, Tighten skin pores, Strengthen hair.Four kinds of probe for face, eye scalp as well as body multi-use.Positive ions for huge cleaning.Negative ions improves skin nutrition absorption. Multi-functional full-body skin care unit with 3 interchangeable medical standard stainless rub heads For eye, face, head...