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Scalp Level Tester 10 pcs

Scalp Level Tester 10 Pcs

13.21 USD
Analysis of hair oil secretion in five seconds. Abnormal pomade or secretion will directly impact the growth of hair roots. It is because the hair follicle obstruction, hair loss phenomenon, the head amount testes can help to check out the quality of the hair, and hair care items to assist...

Sweat level tester 5 pcs

Sweat Level Tester 5 Pcs

13.21 USD
A tester for testing the range of sweat you release while working out. It can make it possible to show your body to take in the fluid required for reference. The end result will show in 5 minutes only. A tester to check the range of sweat you have while...

Dog Emotion Tester 10 pcs

Dog Emotion Tester 10 Pcs

25.56 USD
Just three minutes to check the level of stress of Pet The world's first. Dogs as well as cats have feelings, would like to know much more about the thoughts around animals, make their life much more comfortable, so long as a pet mood examination stick to their palm, the...