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Athlete-Tab Bath Tablet 2 pcs

Athlete-tab Bath Tablet 2 Pcs

6.56 USD
A tablet made from baking soda active ingredient and citric acid pH adjustment generates carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ions due to sodium bicarbonate . It improves the warm bath effect and promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body, relieving fatigue, stiff shoulders, and chilliness. It...

Nipp-Non 6 sets

Nipp-non 6 Sets

5.55 USD
Japanese made good quality nipple pad. Circle diameter 43mm Last for 24 hours. Lightly guard your skin from irritation by friction of clothes. Tank Top T-shirt Camisole Dress Kimono Yukata Leotard, etc. If the bust best will become issue of concern. Very easy to touch like silk. Strong against...

Detox Foot Pads 2 pcs, 3 Types

Detox Foot Pads 2 Pcs, 3 Types

3.67 USD
Choose the purely natural essence of trees, correctly lower the body of dampness toxins. Promote blood flow as well as metabolism, relieve fatigue, reach health effects. How to use Put the is printed edge on the center of the adhesive sheet. Place the sheet on the thoroughly clean bottom...

Soy Milk Foaming Bath 30g

Soy Milk Foaming Bath 30g

3.67 USD
A bubble bath which has soy extract as well as hyaluronic acid. Entire body moisturizing. It will lead you to a boiling h2o skies, smooth skin. Milky yellow-colored hot water on the smell of lemon citrus. How to make use of Put 1 pack 30g in water...

Princess Bath Salts Series 50g, 4 Types

Princess Bath Salts Series 50g, 4 Types

5.90 USD
Rose Droplets Bask in the incentive of focused droplets rose oil foot bath. Princess Bathtime Rose Droplets has minerals, jojoba seed oil, saxifraga extract, pueraria root extract, nacre powder as well as paeonia suffruticosa extract. Jojoba seed oil is abundant in organic tocopherols, amino acid, minerals, vitamins, high antioxidant...

Mouthwash 10ml x 3 Lactobacillus

Mouthwash 10ml X 3 Lactobacillus

3.71 USD
Lactic acid bacteria combination dextrin, lactobacillus / rice fermented product mouth filtration component mouthwash. Fresh mouth, after each day of brushing teeth specific breath with lactic acid germs strength. Thoroughly clean your mouth and stop bad breath. Tooth-friendly xylitol sweetener combination. It is alcohol...

Foot Pad Healer Chamomile 2 pcs

Foot Pad Healer Chamomile 2 Pcs

4.66 USD
Positive impact for blood flow as well as body healthy. Just placed on the rear of your feet as well as sleep, refresh your awakening with the sap. The scent of helpful chamomile calms your mind and body. How to use Place the capability container on the plaster and...

Pitacco Reusable Adhesive Plastic Hook 1 pc, Green Stripe

Pitacco Reusable Adhesive Plastic Hook 1 Pc, Green Stripe

4.61 USD
Japanese made high-tech pastic hook. No stain and quickly to eliminate. Suitable for glass, surface such as floor tile, refrigerator, glazed dull covering. This particular item is attachable, detachable and washable. How to use Get rid of the stains from the spot in which you wish to attach the...