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Foot Deo Fresh Spray 150ml

Foot Deo Fresh Spray 150ml

16.06 USD
Benefits Foot Deo Fresh Spray provides 99.9 anti-bacterial and deodorizing outcome. Stops propagation of the bacteria effectively and provides fresh mint scent. Contains 100 natural ingredients extract such as plum, bamboo, lavender, mint, licorice to eliminate odor without irritation The best way to use...

Tongue Cleaner 1 pc

Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc

4.66 USD
Benefits Tongue Cleaner purges tongue covering and also the causes of bad breath. Removes 80 germs in the jaws and stops bad breath and mouth ailments. Tongue Cleaner with triple ridges which cleanses the tongue clearly and easily without irritation. How to use 1. Rinse...