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Moist CO2 Peel Mask Pack 3 pcs

Moist Co2 Peel Mask Pack 3 Pcs

6.56 USD
Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and combines with water to develop carbonic acid. The particles of carbonic acid are extremely small and will penetrate the muscle base quickly. The impression of hypoxia occurs when vascular cells in the fundus encounter carbonic acid. This stimulates red blood cells to produce a...

Beauty Bubble Skin Peel Pack 3 pcs Honey

Beauty Bubble Skin Peel Pack 3 Pcs Honey

6.49 USD
The scent of dangerous honey spread on the entire body, with Shukashwa Mokomoko bubble of carbonate package, moisturizing, tightening, soft peeling. When blending two gels, new carbonic acid is produced. Once the gel starts to set, tighten your skin comfortably, to flexible skin with suppleness. Peel off the sound gel...